Nils Petter Molvær

Un día me imaginé tocando un concierto en Los Jameos y ahora se va a hacer realidad

Nils Petter Molvær es un trompetista de orígen noruego que hace música experimental y que une los toques electrónicos con el jazz. Este excelente músico tendrá el placer de estar en nuestro Festival de Música Visual de Lanzarote y, actuará junto a su cuarteto en el mágico escenario de Jameos del Agua este sábado 14 de octubre a las 21.00 h. Nils asegura que trae una propuesta musical para que el público disfrute.

Are you visiting Lanzarote for the first time?

No. I was there on holiday a few years ago. Fantastic Island. I even went to the place we are going to play, and  thought.»It would be fantastic to play a concert here (Jameos del Agua)» ,and now it is happening

What are you expecting from Lanzarote? Do you think that the island could be helpfull for inspiration?

I expect nice and warm weather 🙂 a swim in the ocean,and that we play a great concert for the audience. Plying in places like this is always an inspiration.

Did you know the existence of a festival like the Festival of Visual Music of Lanzarote?

No. I knew that there were concerts there,but I didn´t know about this particular one.I know about Manrique. When we were there we went to his museum. Quite stunning.

What experience could we enjoy from your concert?

Music,and a great band.

What are your expectations of the public and the own Festival?

I don´t have so many expectations, because one can never  I just hope there will be many people,and that we will play a good concert that people will enjoy.

What are your new projects?

Oh there are many. Just now I work with the National Ballet in Norway,doing Hedda Gabler as a dance performance. Album coming in april with Sly &Robbie, writing music/Concerts with the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra, and a lot of  smaller projects. Even though…. I look at every project equal important.

If Lanzarote were an instrument or a sound, which would you identify with?

I would think of something fragile ,dark,and beautiful….I guess a mixture of many instruments. Creating a sound together….that is unique.