Aurora Bauzà & Pere Jou


We are (T)Here
Convento de Santo Domingo (Teguise)
Saturday 15th October at 8pm
Tickets: 10€

WE ARE (T)HERE emerges from a choreographic research on human voice. The voice and the body of four performers move around space generating poetic images, acoustic compositions and sound experimentations that play with resonance and with our sensations. These particular compositions allow the performers -and the audience- to discover space and human relations through their voices, while bringing a dramaturgical perspective to the idea of a collective identity.

Sound takes shape and embodies in space through the performer’s voice. It materializes and builds its presence thanks to the natural space’s resonance where the performance takes place. Space becomes thus the fifth performer. Meanwhile, voice (and its resonance) turns into the instrument that changes our perception of space: we start listening to it instead of merely look it. Scenic space becomes the place where the music score is written. Its importance is invisible to the eye. The possibilities of sound in space are explored, so as the possibilities of space through sound.

The performers and its presence reverberate in space and in the body of each spectator. Bodies move around and sing with the awareness of being a human speaker. There is a choreographic and architectonic disposition in the sound sculptures performers build together. At the same time, acoustic sensations provoke emotional sensations that go beyond musical discourse: they hatch a dramaturgical discourse that brings on the potentiality of human relation’s and builds the idea of collective identity. The performers don’t just sing together, but through their voices learn their own individuality and the one of the others. They discover collectivity and the sense of belonging, but also the sense of confrontation. Through their singing and moving the performers negotiate, communicate, make decisions together, get organised or become restrained, empowered or subjected by the others.

The repetitive, long and almost mantric dimension of the singing, together with a choreographic design of the movement, allows a multitude of poetic images to emerge, reflecting on the complexity of human relations as well as on the social mechanisms involved into building a collective identity.

Aurora Bauzà & Pere Jou are composers, performers and scenic artists. The central object of their research is the human voice and its relation with the body, the movement and the space. They think about music and soundscapes not just as a sonic phenomenon that provokes an emotion, but also as a physical, visual, touchable one. Their scenic compositions are meant to be performed by bodies, voices, lights, choreographic movement, scenic rhythm, space, resonances… basically, by anything that takes place on the scene.

Aurora Bauzà & Pere Jou: Creation and direction
Lara Brown, Elisa Keisanen, Aurora Bauzà y Pere Jou: Voices
Alessandro Sciarroni: Assistance to dramaturgy
Mariona Signes: Costume Design