Iván Vilella


Sala Buñuel del CIC El Almacén (Arrecife)
Tuesday 11th October at
Tickets: 5€

Music is landscape, capable of eternalizing it. There are infinite places and none in particular. Indissoluble to time, it happens paradoxically in an untimely way, in a molecular route, almost magical. Expressed matter, unprecedented desire. Nietzsche said that the will of nature yearns for existence and music manifests that will in sounds, in all its degrees and levels. By way of heterochronies, a concept that Foucault used to define those moments or periods that break traditional time, the geological and sound panorama of Lanzarote may well take advantage of that hiatus, an original "rara avis" that Kant discovered as sublime, ineffable. Utopia transformed into uchronia, from no-place to no-time. The objective of this audiovisual project called “Ucronías”, is to allow, crossed by the unique poetics of Lanzarote, that Dionisio win a small battle against Cronos. All this using synthesizers and field recordings.

Iván Vilella: Visuals and electronics