Javier Infante & North Sea String Quartet


Electric Amazigh
Jameos del Agua Auditorium
Thursday 20th October at 8pm
Tickets: 15€

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“Electric Amazigh” is the new work by the Dutch jazz string quartet North Sea String Quartet and the Canarian guitarist-composer Javier Infante. A vibrant collaboration in which acoustic and electric sounds converge in a timeless look at the traces of the aboriginal past of the Canary archipelago that continue to resonate in the present. “Amazigh”, which translates from Berber as “free man”, also gives its name to the ethnic group that inhabited North Africa and which would later become the pre-Hispanic inhabitants of the Canary Islands. For Infante, this cultural and emotional imprint is the starting point of a personal exploration to place this period in the context of today. Presented as a suite through nine fascinating pieces, Infante presents the electric guitar as the main narrator of a varied and cinematographic tour in which dances and tangos inspired by North African music merge with the most transgressive and contemporary jazz, transporting the listener to a kind of timeless journey that evokes landscapes of the past.

Infante's guitar finds in the Dutch string quartet an essential travel companion to find the timbre and rhythmic palette that each piece requires. Likewise, the vast electric guitar solos walk accompanied by the spontaneity of the quartet giving rise to a strong creative and experimental spirit in which beautiful melodies, improvisations and powerful rhythmic passages are interspersed.

Javier Infante: Electric guitar
Pablo Rodríguez: Violin
Karin van Kooten: Violin
Yanna Pelser: Viola
Thomas van Geelen: Cello
Ildefonso Aguilar: Visuals