Julián Elvira


Cueva de los Verdes Auditorium
Thursday 17th October at 20.30

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Expiral is a signature performance based on the connection that rises between the blowing and vibration of the tubes. Besides the merely musical aspect, there are also other theatrical elements, since the pieces themselves give off a texture of light, a choreography of movement and vibe. Expiral mixes shouting and whispering; the whole piece is a thorough exploration of some of the secrets hidden behind the flute. Every one of the proposals combines a mix of beats and melody, every loop and motif, all of it comes from meticulous research that enhances the potential sounds of all the tubes used. The classic sound concepts that noble and officially renowned tubes must produce – the flutes– and other unknown and secondary tubes, that have been rescued to play music with no borders, powerfully combined, becoming unpredictable.

Julián Elvira is the creator of the “Flauta Prónomo”, and, in the past few years, he has become a renowned musician in the cutting-edge experimenting scene of the side flute. He’s also one of the most versatile and rule-breaking performers in our country. His projects surpass all expectations due to his performing style and to how he develops the sound he comes up with when researching and creating.

Flauta Pronómo, tubes: Julián Elvira