Nico Hernández & Simone Marin


Sala Buñuel del CIC El Almacén (Arrecife)
Tuesday 11th October at 9:15pm
Tickets: 5€
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This duo arises during a collaboration between both artists in 2015. Simone is an artist and visual technician, very active in the local and regional avant-garde scene. Nicolás Hernández is an electronic musician with a very particular language full of minimalist and progressive nuances.
In a residency within the framework of the NUMAcircuit festival Simone and Nicolás, based on the projected image and sound, proposed an almost tactile space. The images were manipulated from a microscope installed on the arm of a 3D printer, which captured the textures of different stones from the eerie landscape of Lanzarote. Always in search of new ways to enhance their creations, Marin and Hernández get together again in a concert at the CIC El Almacén in Arrecife with a performance of video and laser mapping, synchronized with sound, an innovative technique that allows projection to be complemented with the tracing of a digitally controlled laser beam.
From that first proposal both artists continue to develop this technique to present it again within the framework of the Visual Music Festival of Lanzarote, with renewed hardware and the experience gained in successive concerts and installations.

Nico Hernández: Electronics
Simone Marin: Visuals