O-Janà & Michele Rabbia


Inland Images
Auditorium of Jameos del Agua
Thursday 13th October at 8pm
Tickets: 15€

O-Janà+Michele Rabbia is a project that brings together singer Ludovica Manzo and electronic musician/pianist Alessandra Bossa with the percussionist Michele Rabbia. The combination of these artists, each charged with spontaneity, curiosity and audacity, is exciting and the result of it is a music which moves from electronics to songwriting to free-improvisation. The main characteristic of the project is to expand boundaries in exploring and experimenting in the field of song composition and free improvisation, working on their own original material. Compositions are characterized by smooth and liquid soundscapes with melodies lying on a mix of prepared piano and electronic sounds while their lyrics are, by turns, funny or poignant or thought-provoking.

Alessandra Bossa: Electronics, piano
Ludovica Manzo: Vocals
Michele Rabbia: Drums, Electronics
Ildefonso Aguilar: Visuals