“Jameo” is a term used to refer to an opening caused by the collapse of the top of a volcanic tube as a result of the loss of gases built up inside.

Jameos del Agua are located on the inside of the volcanic tube, caused by the eruption of Volcán de la Corona, and named after a lake on the inside that is a unique geological formation, that was created through filtration, as it is below sea level. In this pristine water natural lake, there live several endemic local species, such as Munidopsis polimorpha, a tiny, blind albino crab of unknown origin.

Its environment is protected as Jameos Site of Scientific Interest by the Law of Natural Spaces of the Canary Islands, and it is part of the Volcán and Malpaís de La Corona National Park, as well as Site of Cultural Interest.

The Auditorium of “Jameos del Agua”, main headquarters of the Lanzarote Visual Music Festival, is a spectacular stage space set up on the inside of a volcanic cave, with capacity for 500 people. This is a unique place in the world thanks to its geological features and peculiar acoustic conditions.

Jameos del Agua is a natural area suitable for visitors, we therefore recommend the following:

  • Wear comfortable footwear
  • Avoid using high heels